Research Scientist/Sr. Research Scientist in Medicinal Chemistry

Boulder, CO

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Job Description

  • Designs, implements, analyzes, and critically evaluates drug discovery projects
  • And/or brings deep understanding of new research technologies
  • Consistently solves scientific problems with innovative approaches
  • Thinks critically about existing processes in the context of a competitive drug discovery industry
  • And/or understands the potential for new technologies to significantly impact drug discovery paradigms
  • Conceptualizes and proposes new project opportunities with assistance from biology colleagues
  • And/or proposes applications of new technologies in ways that provide a competitive advantage to Array
  • Monitors competitors’ programs and communicates the competitive environment to internal teams
  • Possess the ability to participate in the development of external collaborations and contacts from the science side
  • Keeps current with medicinal chemistry literature as well as several other biological sciences as it relates to ongoing projects
  • Supervises, manages and mentors junior chemists to enable them to be productive contributors to ongoing projects, and facilitates their career growth
  • Demonstrates ability to engage colleagues scientifically
  • Superior technical ability to conceive, conduct, interpret and extrapolate scientific experiments and data
  • Demonstrates the ability to generate valuable intellectual property internally and externally
  • Highly independent on a technical level with an excellent command of project concepts
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities and is recognized as a driver of ongoing projects

Skills & Requirements

  • BS in Chemistry
  • Ph.D. in organic chemistry with post doctoral training (2 years) and 2+ years of industrial experience with a proven history of success of drug discovery from hit to lead to IND
  • Alternatively, in lieu of industrial experience, a deep understanding and experience of a new, enabling chemistry-based technology that is lacking within Array would be considered