Associate Director, Design and Operations

18/19 School Year

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Job Description

The Associate Director provides overall leadership for the project and maintenance teams comprising of: two project coordinators, a maintenance engineer (electrical and building) and a BAS specialist, and a range of external consultants and contractors.
Design and Projects
The Associate Director directly supervises SAS project management staff focused on project design and related responsibilities, manage design projects, support campus design activities/initiatives, oversee and manage campus design and signage standards, and to provide design support and design management during the bidding and construction of projects. He/She also oversees FF&E standards, planning, delivery and installation. A major component of the responsibilities of this position is to deliver projects with an appropriate, suitable and acceptable level of design and overall quality, to achieve the project's objectives, that is in compliance with SAS standards, while working within scope, budget and schedule parameters established for the project - all in support of meeting the functional and strategic objectives of the school through the delivery of the project.
The Associate Director communicates and collaborates with school and external departments/agencies to support project design and delivery; provides regular updates to the Director and COO on project status, priorities, areas of concern, items in need of attention, staff professional development and other items to support the successful outcomes of projects related to scope, schedule, budget/cost and quality level; a highly functioning, responsive and collaborative team of design project management staff; and support of the overall success related to department efforts in support of school goals and strategic initiatives.
The Associate Director will develop feasibility studies and budgets, assist with appointment of consultants, develop and/or commission designs, drawings, specifications and project estimates, run tender processes including evaluation and awarding of contracts, obtain Authorities approvals, and manage the delivery of projects and fire compliance certificates in a timely manner. The Associate Director will oversee the annual Committee of Private Education (CPE) renewal process. 
Maintenance (excluding Housekeeping, Security and Other Soft Services)
The Associate Director will assist the Director in integrating long range capital and  maintenance planning activities and will be responsible for the implementation of the 15-year asset management plan from planning through construction.
The Associate Director combines proven design and construction technical and people expertise and will also lead the facilities team in the following functional areas of building and MEP(mechanical, electrical and plumbing) maintenance including supporting and providing service  excellence to our customers. 
The Associate Director is responsible for relevant maintenance budgeting and spending, forecasting and analysis of financial results, and building and maintaining strong teams through recruitment and retention. 
Typical Duties                                   
Design, Construction and Project Management
  • Provide oversight to project coordinators
  • Work with stakeholders to complete and sign off project brief/designs, specifications, drawings and budgets
  • Manage the project initiation and startup processes, ensuring the appropriate accountability arrangements are in place
  • Follow defined design, tender, construction and project management processes to plan, schedule and manage projects, including feasibility studies, designs, cost estimation and scope control activities
  • Report on progress as defined in project plan
  • Track project metrics (for example, schedule variances and customer satisfaction).
  • Continually identify, prioritize and mitigate project risks
  • Manage the activities of the project coordinators, ensuring high levels of motivation, collaboration and performance
  • Provide oversight and control of any consultants contracted to the project
  • Ensure compliance with Authorities requirements in a timely manner
  • Provide design coordination for specialist trades where required
  • Prepare for approval and record project progress payments
  • Continually communicate with stakeholders
  • Ensure all financial management practices comply with SAS purchasing protocols
  • Assist with all internal and external audits of projects
Quality Management - Design and Construction
  • Perform the role of a registered Technical Officer(BCA defined) or similar for construction projects where required
  • Act as overall architectural quality assurance assessor for projects
  • Assist with M & E inspections and quality control, where required 
  • Ensure a safe working environment
  • Plan, prioritize, schedule, budget, assign, supervise, evaluate, and participate in the work and direction of the Maintenance team
  • Contribute in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, and priorities Facilities Office
  • Supervise maintenance operations establishing the strategic direction, and long range plans for improvements, projects, and reducing maintenance backlog. 
  • Responsible for oversight and coordination of all major and minor maintenance project related tasks, and will work collaboratively with maintenance engineer(electrical and building) and BAS specialist, and external consultants and contractors
  • Develop an annual facility condition inspection regime and report as part of  maintenance planning
  • Update 15-year asset management plan annually
  • Meet regularly with Facilities and Services Director in order to keep all parties apprised of appropriate work matters
  • Ensure compliance with all Authorities requirements, school policies and procedures as related to the job responsibilities of this position
  • Maintain strict confidentiality of all records, correspondence, etc. in a well organized and accessible manner
  • Relates courteously and effectively with students, parents, school personnel, district personnel, and community members as necessary
  • Remain available and willing to assist should an emergency situation arise
  • Performs other duties related to current position as assigned by Facilities and Services Director, and/or Chief Operating Officer
Major benefits include excellent medical coverage, group life and short-term disability, sick and annual leave, 40 hours per week, AWS, use of extensive school libraries, and opportunities for continued professional growth.

Skills & Requirements

  • Ideally, an experienced/registered architect or engineer with at least 10 years relevant local Singapore experience supervising a design team in a design office, implementing construction projects, and/or managing hotel/hospital/university facilities operations.
  • Degree in architecture, construction, engineering or similar professional qualifications from a recognized university. Registration with the Board of Architects or Engineers would be a beneficial.
  • Technical Officer (BCA registered) certification would be helpful, though not required.
  • Experience with large institutional or multi national company facilities that have undergone new construction or major building renovation programs preferred.
  • Familiarity with all craft/trade occupations represented by school support personnel.
  • Must possess a valid class 3 Singapore driver’s license.
  • Positive work attitude, growth mindset, and initiative.

Demonstrated Experience:

  • Organizing a design/facilities/project management office
  • Design & Construction Management
  • Leading and inspiring a Facilities Project and Maintenance Team
  • Multi-tasking skills in a high energy, results-driven and pressurised environment
  • Building long term trusted relationships with Customers, Designers, Subcontractors, Suppliers and Colleagues
  • Proficiency in appropriate technology and software solutions (Google suite, Microsoft Project, AutoCAD, etc) is highly desirable
  • Excellent attention to detail, including written and presentation skills