Resident Services Coordinator

Boston, MA (West End)

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Job Description

West End Place, a multifamily community with 183 units located in downtown Boston is seeking candidates for a full-time Resident Services Coordinator (RSC) role.  The RSC’s primary focus is to provide information on community-based resources and assist the resident population in accessing those resources.  The RSC will network, collaborate, and build partnerships with the local and extended community to bring additional services and supports to West End Place. Additionally, the RSC will serve as the community’s activities coordinator, developing and facilitating various types of programming for a range of populations and needs. The RSC will act as a liaison with the Community Relations Committee to facilitate Committee sponsored functions.

Skills & Requirements

A BA, or higher in Social Work, Psychology, Gerontology, Counseling, Public or Community Health or related specialty or significant work experience relevant to the position is required.    Experience in human services/case coordination working with diverse populations is required.  Experience developing activities and programming for a range of populations (children, adults, seniors, and sub populations within those groups). Experience with cross agency networking/collaboration and building partnerships.  Strong MS Office skills are also required.