Enterprise Data and Analytics Principal Engineer

Location: Cambridge, MA

Req#: 474259
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Octo is currently seeking an Enterprise Data and Analytics Principal Engineer to join a growing team on an exciting and highly visible project for a DoD customer.


The Octo team is seeking an Enterprise Data and Analytics Principal Engineer that will provide support to develop a macro-level architectural solutions of a multi-region cloud based infrastructure, a cross-cutting application and integration architecture, and a data management and analytics architecture, and provide specialized training to our product teams building on the enterprise platform.

This effort will feature strategic team members co-located with the product teams, primarily in the Boston, MA Area, to support a culture of continuous improvement across the teams.


The successful candidate will have senior knowledge and senior hands-on experience building a data management convention that provide product teams with scalable and isolated data management framework.


Skills & Requirements

Required Skills:

  • Experience with agile and lean philosophies
  • Experience in full stack development to include Java, Web services, Database, and web application development.  
  • Experience with Application Programming Interface (API) development using the REST architectural style.
  • Experience with large scale system, databased and data modeling techniques.
  • Experience working in SQL and Oracle
  • Experience working with data visualization tools
  • At least one (1) example of successfully leading any (DoD or non-DoD) large-scale, complex, and distributed system into the cloud.

Desired Skills:

  • Experience developing APIs based on evolving business capabilities using techniques from
    • Domain-Driven Design (DDD) through patterns like the Bounded Context,
    • Following the ideas behind consumer-driven contracts and the principle of YAGNI,
    • Understanding the communication patterns,
    • Data architectures,
    • Correlated patterns of change involving business functions.
  • Resume must include at least two (2) example of successfully leading any (DoD or non-DoD) large-scale, complex, and distributed system into the cloud.
  • Experience with Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration techniques  


Education: Bachelors in a Technical Discipline – Computer Science, Mathematics, or equivalent technical degree or equivalent industry experience.

Years of Experience:

8+ years of experience or more

Clearance: Secret