Assistant Superintendent

Philadelphia Area & Surrounding Suburbs

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Job Description

• Assists with providing on-site field administration/supervision and technical management for all construction operations, including Foreman, subcontractors, and other construction related personnel.
• Assist Superintendent to proactively identify and solve problems to minimize risk.
• Ensure timely project completion through project scheduling and expediting material deliveries, etc.  
• Assist with the development of project schedule (and Three Week Look Ahead Schedule).
• Update, maintain, communicate, and manage all subcontractors and vendors to the schedule. 
• Assist Superintendent with developing, maintaining, and enforcing project site logistics plan and temporary facilities plan.
• Assist with implementing, maintaining, and enforcing project specific quality assurance and workmanship program to include all subcontractors.
• Monitor all project control reporting measures including daily reports, quantity reporting, accident and incident reports (theft/fire/vandalism/accident). 
• Assemble Daily Reports, manpower counts and the like. 
• Assist with Site Safety Orientations as needed. 
• Assist with overseeing and ensuring compliance with CCIP program requirements including enrollment, accident/incident reporting, site inspections and the like. 
• Maintain a working knowledge of all project plans, specifications, Owner Contract, Subcontracts, Purchase Orders, daily correspondence, shop drawings, submittals, and all other project related documents, and maintain a complete and accurate set of as-built documents.
• Assist with overseeing layout and field engineering in accordance with all project requirements.
• Understand all trade contractor’s means and methods in accordance with project contract documents.
• Assist with coordinating daily construction activities within existing operating facilities.
• Assist with developing and executing plan for monitoring and completing punchlist items.
• Ensures that Safety Orientations occur for all subcontractors. 
• Inspect the site and check for OSHA violations and unsafe practices and conditions.
• Generate and maintain a consistent sense of urgency throughout the project team and extended sub/supplier team to maintain the energy level required to stay on or ahead of schedule throughout the project.
• Assist and work closely with the Project Manager with all field related activities.
• Responsible for all site activities (plan and specification adherence, quality of work, safety, and overall coordination).
• Assist with implementation and interpretation of safety programs.
• Ensure all company, department, and technical policies, procedures, standards, are adhered to. 
• Responsible for coordination of all work between subcontractors and material suppliers.
• Notification of all subcontractors and materialmen of job status and upcoming responsibilities.
• Assist with scheduling and participating with inspections by all authorities (Township, State, financing institutions, environmental, health department, etc.).
• Assist with coordination of all third-party on-site testing (soils, concrete, steel, etc.).
• Notify Architects/Engineers of required/needed inspections.
• Assist Superintendent or Senior Superintendent with weekly foreman meetings (safety, work procedures, site storage and staging).
• Assist with verification of all T & M tickets and receipt of materials and equipment.
• Recording dumpster usage, pick-ups, etc.
• Notification of work process to pedestrians, tenants, etc. for safety.
• Clean and organized site adherence.

Skills & Requirements

Qualifications/ Required Experience:
• Preferred four (4) year degree in a construction-related curriculum or equivalent experience in field-related duties, including any accredited apprentice programs.
• 1-3 years of experience with a commercial contractor or equivalent industry experience.
• Demonstrated leadership ability of project teams with successful outcomes.
• Knowledge of the construction process including scheduling, contract administration, equipment, and manpower.
• Proficient in basic use and functions of a personal computer.
• Experience with construction related software (i.e., Primavera, Procore or Microsoft Office) preferred.
• OSHA 30-Hour 

Physical Demands: 
• Transportation to and from project.
• Occasional temporary relocation for out of town projects.
• Must be able to walk and to access all areas of the project multiple times daily which may require;
1. Climbing stairs up to 5 stories
2. Climb Ladders up to 40’
3. Climbing temporary stair systems or walking scaffolding systems.
4. Use of PPE Harness system as required by OSHA as needed to access and inspect the work.
5. Ability to walk open floors or roofs.
6. Accessing excavations by stepping into the excavation or via ladder as needed.
7. Walking steep slopes or rough, uneven ground including on soil, stone, rock, mud etc.
• Must be capable of working in a variety of physical positions which include, but are not limited to, sitting, standing, kneeling, squatting, walking and driving. 
• Must be able to lift, carry or otherwise move or position objects weighing up to 50 pounds.
• Vision abilities for this position include close vision, peripheral vision, and depth perception.  

Work Environment:  
• Must be able to work in a variety of weather conditions which include, but are not limited to, extreme heat, humidity, rainfall, snow, ice, compliment of all seasons, combined with varying starting and stopping times.
• Must be able to work during daylight or darkness.
• Work will involve exposure to varying noise and dust levels.
• Must be able to wear PPE including Boots, hard hat, safety glasses, high visibility clothing, fall protection gear, hearing protection, dust mask and respirator.
• Work will involve exposure to varying noise and dust levels.