Off-Site Learning Specialist

Beijing, China | Support Staff | School Year: 2019-2020

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Job Description

To provide leadership and coordination for the implementation and maintenance of Risk Assessment and Management Systems (RAMS) across all of ISB’s experiential learning programs.  To promote a culture of risk management within the school community and seek to leverage teacher and student support across all aspects of such a culture.  
The key goal of this role is to build out the systems and structures needed for a robust RAMS system over 2-3 years and towards the end of this time work to transition the running of the system over to another position (or another type of transition which may prove necessary).
  • The development and implementation of systems and structures necessary to build and maintain ISB’s Experiential Education Risk Assessment and Management System, including but not limited to:
  1. ISB Experiential Education Policies and Procedures Handbook (update and implement)
  2. Standardization of pre-trip disclosure to parents 
  3. Standardization of pre-trip disclosure meeting amongst attending staff (including collaboration with Third Party Providers)
  4. Monitoring and evaluation of the system across all aspects of the program/system, including field/day trips and overnight trips
  5. The building and maintenance of an incident and near-miss register, with frequent analysis of data for any arising trend
  6. The carrying out of risk assessments for all experiential education – this includes conducting RAs and ensuring relevant staff carry out RAs in preparation for trips, and also includes risk management/mitigation plans for identified risks.
  7. Production of Standard Operating Procedures for all off-site trips
  • Vetting of all Third Party Providers engaged by ISB to conduct experiential education/service learning activities
  • Staff and admin in Trip Awareness Training, Risk Assessment Training, Off-Site Crisis Response Training and other training as required (or works to engage the services of a suitable external provider for such training)
  • Update the system as needed to ensure good practice and ongoing engagement of staff
  • The transition of this system to another position (or another type of transition deemed necessary) – although this would only happen after 2-3 years, the system itself should be designed and implemented with this long-term goal in mind.
Collaborates with: 
  • Service and Experiential Learning Coordinator/Experiential Learning Coordinator and Principals to implement timelines for RAMS at ISB
  • All staff planning of experiential learning, including day trips and overnight trips, to ensure compliance with ISB policies and procedures, risk assessment protocols and documentation, etc.
  • Nursing staff, Professional Development Coordinator, Security Office, Bus Office, Admissions Office etc. to ensure all aspects of ISB EE RAMS policies and procedures are thoroughly developed and continue to be upheld in the system.
  • Building level admin meetings as needed 
  • Faculty meetings as needed
  • Pre-trip/post-trip meetings as needed
  • In positive relationships to continue the development, implementation, and assessment of the ISB Risk Assessment and Management System
  • In culture building to achieve the above
  • In networking with like schools in the region to exchange good practices and collaborate where desirable


Skills & Requirements

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree
  • 3-4 years' experience in a similar role
  • Experience and current knowledge related to creating and implementing risk assessment and management systems in (preferably international) schools
  • The capacity to organize and deliver effective presentations and training to teachers
  • Strong knowledge of research-based risk assessment and management with current industry good practice
  • Significant experience in the field of experiential/outdoor education
  • Risk Management training or qualifications
  • Current Wilderness First Aid or recognized First Aid/CPR certification
  • Water Safety Training or Award
  • Two or more internationally recognized Outdoor Awards in specific adventure activities such as mountaineering, rock climbing, canoe sport
  • Previous Child Safeguarding training preferred but not necessary