Human Resources Director

Beijing, China | Administrator | School Year: 2020-2021

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Job Description

We are seeking an experienced HR Director with exceptional people skills, who will ensure that our human resources programs and initiatives are highly effective and aligned to the mission and vision of the school. 
The International School of Beijing (ISB) aspires to be an adaptive, inspirational, forward-looking learning community, cultivating relationships that ignite each student’s passion for lifelong learning. We will nurture the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of each child. We will embrace change, inspire creativity and foster innovation. We will actively promote global understanding and respect within and between cultures. Our community will model integrity and seek opportunities to serve with compassion and conviction.
Of utmost importance is our strong sense of community and vibrant, culturally diverse campus, where learning is engaging for our over 1,780 students representing more than 50 countries. Research-based programs, high-quality teaching, and outstanding and ever-improving facilities mean students at ISB are being prepared for success in a world that keeps changing at a breathtaking pace.
The HR Director is responsible for leadership in the smooth running of ISB’s Human Resources Office, directly supervising a team of dedicated HR professionals. He/she will manage all personnel affairs within the scope of Chinese law and regulations as well as policies established by the School Board, collaborating closely with all administrators in particular the Business Office and Government Affairs Office. 
The ideal candidate for this role should possess a high work ethic, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, a passion for service, knowledge of labor regulations and HR practices, strategic thinking abilities, strong organizational skills, and an extraordinary capacity for care. The HR Director works to improve HR processes, promote a vibrant workplace culture, improve morale and employee retention, enhance safety and wellness, strengthen relations between staff and administration, attract the best recruits, and support the long-term financial stability and growth of the School.
The successful candidate will be offered a 3-year initial contract with subsequent year-to-year contracts contingent upon demonstrated achievement towards annual goals. 
Applications will be accepted until October 14, 2019. Candidates should note, however, that in the event outstanding applicants are identified early in the search process, we will close the position before the stated deadline.  For this reason, it is important that interested candidates apply as soon as possible. 
In the area of Recruitment & Selection, 
  • Coordinate all recruiting and hiring processes (both permanent and substitute employees)
  • Cultivate strategies to attract and retain high-quality, high-performing staff and faculty
  • Ensure timely and accurate advertising of job openings, both internally and externally 
  • Coordinate all matters related to recruiting agencies, consultants, recruiting events, and recruiting systems and databases
  • Coordinate school visits for candidates and recruiting consultants 
  • Participate in interviews and reference checks as requested
  • Ensure reference check protocols strictly adhere to HR and ISB child safeguarding policy
  • Monitor FTEs in accordance with Board-approved budget
  • Ensure prompt response to employment inquiries from both within China and overseas 
  • Coordinate all transfer requests 
In the area of Onboarding & Offboarding,
  • Oversee all aspects of new hire transition, including relocation processes for overseas hires
    • Serve as primary contact for new overseas hires from the time of hire until their arrival 
    • Expedite paperwork in the form of required government and school papers 
    • Plan and coordinate new hire orientation
  • Oversee all aspects of departing faculty and staff processes, including relocation elements for overseas hires
    • Provide clear and timely information to facilitate a smooth departure 
    • Ensure integrity of exit and separation procedures 
    • Conduct exit interview when requested by departing staff
  • Organize orientation for new support staff and substitutes
  • Seek feedback on the quality and effectiveness of onboarding and offboarding programs to continually refine and improve processes
In the area of Human Resources Operations,
  • Supervise the work of the Human Resources team to execute policy and practice 
  • Oversee all HR initiatives, systems and tactics
  • Develop, implement and continually refine HR standard operating procedures 
  • Maintain staff records, job descriptions and work calendars
  • Annually develop and implement department objectives focused on continuous improvement aligned with school-wide goals
  • Provide information and guidance on HR-related issues as changes are made in school programming and initiatives 
  • Develop, implement and enforce human resource policies and administrative regulations
  • Ensure compliance with PRC labor and employment laws and regulations
  • Anticipate and resolve litigation risks
  • Provide guidance and when appropriate, assist managers and administrators in handling grievances and actions that require disciplinary action
  • Liaise with related labor and government/social insurance agencies 
  • Stay informed of HR trends and practices in Beijing and among peer schools around the region
  • Collaborate with the CFO/COO to provide data supporting annual budgeting processes 
  • Maintain concise and timely information via established platforms and documents 
In the area of Contracts and Remuneration & Benefits,
  • Arrange contracts for all employees including long term subs, that accurately specify compensation and benefits
  • Establish timelines for statement of intent surveys and contract renewals 
  • Oversee all aspects of benefits administration
  • Support the CFO/COO in the development and implementation of annual and long-term compensation strategies and action plans to meet established targets
  • Monitor the competitiveness of ISB’s remuneration and benefits package through a variety of means including formal and informal surveys and annual industry reports
  • Work closely with the CFO/COO regarding salary and benefit proposals and budgets
  • Design and develop competitive pay structures and benefits and adjust as necessary 
  • Liaise with the insurance provider and broker to ensure optimum value of programs and services, monitor and resolve issues
  • Help negotiate medical insurance plan changes and renewal rates, and support tender process
  • Ensure timely processing of payroll and salary adjustments (e.g. for overtime and unpaid leave), including substitute payment
  • Conduct staff satisfaction surveys to support annual salary & benefit review processes 
  • Participate in annual salary & benefit review committees together with the CFO/COO
In the area of Workplace Culture, Employee Wellness and Employee Relations,
  • Develop and implement programs and services that positively impact workplace culture
    • Provide guidance and support to ISB WellCo in collaboration with ISB’s Sustainability & Wellness Manager. ISB WellCo is the employee advisory and advocacy group established to maintain a vibrant wellness program inclusive of everyone at ISB. WellCo’s core mission is to:
      • Enhance employee wellness through awareness and action 
      • Coordinate internal wellness opportunities
      • Encourage external wellness-related activities 
    • Work with the insurance provider, broker, and other strategic partners to organize onsite health care services and ample wellness support throughout the school year
    • Organize annual recognition of service milestones and Leavers (Staff Recognition)
  • Collaborate with the Head of School and attend meetings or follow up on action items from meetings with the Staff Advisory Council
  • Work with the Support Staff advisory group to develop and implement activities that foster a sense of pride, value and belonging
  • Meet with faculty and staff regularly as needs arise related to HR functions
In the area of Performance and Professional Learning,
  • Support the delivery of a meaningful program of staff and professional development aligned with ISB school-wide goals and mission
  • Collaborate with the Head of School, division leadership, and the Office of Learning in the implementation of evaluation and performance systems for faculty and staff
  • Coordinate and ensure the annual evaluation of all support staff
Other Administrative Duties:
  • Attend School Board meetings as required
  • Member of the Operational Leadership Team
  • Produce HR analyses and reports as and when needed
  • Perform any other duties as assigned by the COO/CFO and Head of School


Skills & Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management or related discipline
  • Prior experience as Human Resources Director, preferably with an expatriate work force and/or in an educational setting
  • Dynamic leadership and proven successful experience with managing a complex HR department
  • Demonstrated capacity to work effectively and collaboratively with broad and diverse teams
  • Understanding of the unique needs of an international school environment, and how that environment impacts HR practice
  • Demonstrated experience in the implementation and management of employee performance and evaluation systems
  • Robust experience with coaching, mentoring, and professional development practices
  • Excellent written and verbal communication and presentation skills
  • Proven successful experience with employee contracts, negotiations, and conflict resolution
  • Proficiency with integrating technology and implementing data systems to support HR functions
  • Personal proficiency with technology systems
  • Proven commitment to sound fiscal practices, wise allocation of resources, and accurate fiscal modeling of compensation and benefit systems
  • Outstanding interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Models compassion, care and empathy; exercises sound judgment and the highest levels of integrity and professionalism at all times
  • Passion for the school environment and an understanding and respect of the work involved in teaching and working within a school
  • Excellent knowledge of the application of employment legislation and regulations
  • Knowledge of data analysis and reporting
  • Able to work under pressure 
  • Understanding of host country culture and fluency in the language would be added advantages