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Knowledge Management Specialist

Portsmouth, NH
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Job Description

As a Knowledge Management Specialist at Engageware you will work directly with United software to implement and maintain our knowledge services. Using a keen eye for detail, time management skills, and open communication, Knowledge Management Specialists will maintain and create data for Engageware's customers. Knowledge Management Specialists will communicate with Knowledge Management Analysts and the Managed Services Team Lead to ensure quality deliverables with quick turnaround.

Job Responsibilities/Duties

·       Create and structure data into the software in an efficient manner.

·       Check to ensure the accuracy and quality of the data that has been inputted.

·       Deliver quality deliverables to a due date.

·       Maintain multiple projects and timelines.

·       Structure and format data in a manner consistent with Engageware’s Best Practices and customer requirements.

·       Research and obtain further information for discrepancies in information.

·       Comply with data integrity and security policies.

Skills & Requirements

Qualifications and Skill Requirements

·       Post-secondary degree in Communications or equivalent

·       Experience with MS Office and ability to learn new technologies quickly

·       Excellent knowledge of correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation

·       Typing speed and accuracy

·       Meticulous attention to detail

·       Ability to work to a deadline

·       Organization skills, with an ability to stay focused on assigned tasks

·       Must be able to manage multiple projects

·       Ability to concentrate on a single task for a long period of time

·       Experience with HTML will be an asset

·       Must be highly personal and inquisitive with a strong desire to help others

·       Must have a strong sense of “the right thing to do”.