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Sustainability Manager

Tampa, FL Headquarters | Environmental Health Safety Sustainability | Regular Employee FT | Environmental Health Safety Sustainability
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Job Description


CCBF is committed to growing, protecting, and sustaining the business.  Sustainability partnerships with key customers are becoming the new norm and the organization desires to develop opportunities to grow sales and win new business through sustainability.  The Sustainability Manager is the primary contact to assist teams in managing customer sustainability opportunities and will work with account teams to identify and develop opportunities to grow sales and win new business.  This role will need to work with key customers, account teams, merchandizing, and marketing to develop and execute a comprehensive strategy that includes activations and communications that increase or retain sales.

In addition this role will work with field EHSS teams to support operational sustainability goals in water/energy efficiency and recovery.

Definition of Business Opportunity:

  • The Sustainability Manager is responsible for leading sustainability engagement with customer account teams in Retail and FSOP to identify and evaluate potential customer partnership opportunities specifically focused on increasing sales and meeting CCBF’s sustainability commitments.
  • There is a need to lead sustainability engagement with College and University teams to develop and evaluate potential customer partnerships opportunities to win and retain business.
  • There is a need to project manage sustainability opportunities on both the operations and commercial teams to deliver the maximum value to CCBF and secure appropriate budgets for the work.
  • Develop, execute, and continually refresh a customer sustainability strategy through collaboration with key internal stakeholders.
  • Lead the development of key tools and platforms that are needed to tell our sustainability story to colleges, universities, and retailers.
  • Provide SME support to our operations team on new technology and applications to improve water and energy recovery.  In addition focus on key initiatives that will drive recovery.

Business System Knowledge:

  • Collaborate with account and operational teams on sustainability initiatives
  • Maintain documentation of all sustainability activities
  • Meet with customers and account teams to further develop sustainability opportunities that are mutually beneficial
  • Set organizational sustainability targets, and develop plans to meet those targets and oversee their delivery
  • Promote and raise awareness, at all levels of our organization, of the impact of emerging sustainability issues
  • Develop and implement environmental strategies and action plans, to ensure corporate sustainable development
  • Conducting an analysis of current policies, costs and benefits associated with implementing sustainable practices in the organization.
  • Engage with a variety of stakeholders to ensure their input is reflected in CCBF’s sustainability policy and practices.
  • Serve as the internal leader and “go to” expert for sustainability, monitoring emerging trends, programs and issues, and communicating and educating others on sustainability topics
  • Managing sustainable activities such as recycling, recovery, energy efficiency, and water conservation and replenishment.

Sustainability Capability Building:

  • Foster a culture of sustainability through ongoing organizational communications and education
  • Advise and train associates on development of sustainability practices
  • Visit customer locations with local teams to further educate on company sustainability policies and procedures
  • Build effective partnerships with external organizations to support sustainability efforts.
  • Advise managers on compliance with applicable codes, laws, regulations, or standards.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Help develop team members in sustainability strategy and routines
  • Perform related work and ad-hoc projects, as assigned

Skills & Requirements



  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university with major coursework in a technical field


  • Five to Seven (5-7) years of full-time professional experience involving customer account management, merchandising and field experience, strategy development, combined with sustainability leadership with proven track record of growing sales.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Strong leadership, administrative, computer knowledge, organizational and management skills.
  • Strong Public Speaking Skills
  • Understanding of basic principles of sustainability including packaging, water, and energy
  • Ability to travel in State of FL
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Budget Management
  • Project Management