Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

Remote USA

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Be part of the growing Data Science and Machine Learning team at Lone Wolf. This is an opportunity to have a huge impact on the way our team works, and build awesome sh*t for the real estate industry. Our team works on everything from creating predictive models and NLP to building reporting dashboards. We are building a culture of excellence and welcome new ideas and skills to help us get there.

·        Research and develop machine learning models for real world business use cases using a huge dataset that comes from years of operations.

·        Create APIs, as microservices, to serve inference models in production environments

·        Effectively use data preprocessing techniques and best practices. Our data is formatted and lives in a database, but that doesn’t mean it is in the ideal format for machine learning projects.

·        We use relational SQL databases as well as No-SQL databases, combining the data into standard formats to prepare it for modeling is a common task we do.

·        Build large scale data analysis projects. We have 100 GBs of data, so knowing how to analyze large datasets in a time expedient matter is important.

·        Developing and deploying real-world ML pipelines handling massive amounts of data on various cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Azure).  AWS is preferred but not the only cloud that we use.

·        We use source control for all our code, from backend web server to model training and jupyter notebooks.  We expect our code to be clean, have working tests and be easy to understand for other members of the team.

Skills & Requirements


·        Experience with data cleansing/preparation, feature engineering and pipeline creation using Python 

·        Python expertise, effective knowledge of how to use Pandas for data processing, and making it fast.  Ability to write clean, readable, commented, maintainable code. 

·        Experience with at least 1 other Object oriented programing language is a +

·        Experience with using source control for machine learning projects

·        Experience with creating APIs to serve trained models

·        Expertise in predictive analytics/statistical modeling/data mining algorithms 

·        Advanced knowledge of different types of models, their uses cases and pros and cons of each

·        Machine Learning experience with building and tuning models as well as inference set up and deployment in PRODUCTION

·        Experience with improving existing models after deployment to address drift

·        Understanding of Neural Networks and experience with at least 1 deep learning framework 

·        Excellent communication skills in verbal and written English. 

·        Ability to work independently as well as support a team by contributing ideas, performing code reviews, model evaluations, pipeline tuning

·        5-8 years experience with large scale data and machine learning projects



·        Fully Remote US based position

·        While we do have a local office, our company is working remotely until further notice. Upon hire, we will mail you a computer and any other necessary equipment in time for your agreed upon start date.

·             Working hours are flexible.

·             Unlimited vacation days

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