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Warehouse Worker I

Houston 1
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The people at Dupuy don’t just store goods – they revolutionize the storage industry. The diversity of our team members and their concepts and innovation breathes life into all that we do, from standard storage projects to large scale process undertakings.

Where do you see yourself at Dupuy?
Job Description

1. Principal Accountabilities

· Load/unload supersacks, burlap bags and bulk containers of various agricultural products.

· Operate mechanical and production equipment.

· Lift and manipulate 40kg bags.

· Complete production related paperwork.

· Working at heights above 6-feet, with proper safety harness.

· Knowledge and proper use of utility knives to open burlap bags.

· Performs cleaning of equipment and work area.



2. Standard Operating Procedures

· Maintain safe environment by inspecting areas and products for defects and document

· Report any/all pest activity

· Maintain GMP and PPE

· Understands the paperwork aspects of the position

· Extra Tasks as needed and assigned

· All equipment will be cleaned and put away and properly stored for next use.

· All hoses rolled up on reels

· Vacuum cleaning is preferred instead of air/blowing

· All cleaning will be floor to ceiling, wall to wall and corner to corner

· Properly documents truck unloading and loading forms.

· Proper recording of production on production sheet for supersacks and burlap in blending.

· Tasks will be reviewed routinely and updated or revised as needed


3. Quality

· Comply with all procedures to ensure product safety and integrity.

· Able to identify routine defects in coffee including pest control issues.

· Able to cross check container # and chop marks

· Ensures that all quality methods and procedures are being followed per site’s procedures.


4. Costs

· Suggest improvements to help reduce costs and improve procedures.

· Develop knowledge and understanding of key measurements and cost drivers.


5. Delivery

· Ensure that proper cleaning methods and procedures are being used at the production location.

· Have knowledge and understanding of the production process.

· Maintain a current and comprehensive knowledge of plant sanitation procedures to improve sanitation and reduce costs.

· Assist operations and maintenance in troubleshooting production, quality, and sanitation issues.

· Regular reviews with managers to ensure production, quality, and sanitation requirements are being met.

· Have a proper working knowledge of chemicals and equipment.


6. Safety

· Maintain safe working environment and comply with all plant and department safety rules.

· Follow all guidelines pertaining to chemical use and sanitation procedures to insure a safe workplace.

· Always wear bump cap and safety shoes.


7. Regulatory

· Maintain an understanding and comply with local, state and federal regulatory requirements including FDA, SQF and OSHA.


8. Training

· Attend and participate in all required safety training.

· Attend and participate in Quality Assurance and Sanitation training programs.


9. Note

· Job Description will be evaluated and updated as needed to support business needs.


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