Southwest Cares is a professional behavioral healthcare company serving hospital, assisted-living and nursing facility populations in the Western USA. Our clients include rehabilitating and geriatric residents. Interventions include psychotherapy and psychotropic medication-management, as well as psychological, neuropsychological and neurobehavioral testing/assessment. Southwest Cares' psychiatrists, psychologists and neuropsychologists operate as a collaborative behavioral healthcare team for maximum clinical benefit and management of risk.

We are extremely excited about our future and ability to provide cutting-edge clinical care.

What we do…
Southwest Cares provides a full range of inpatient/residential behavioral health services including

  • Psychological and Psychiatric (psych) consultations
  • Psychological assessment and testing
  • Neuropsychological and neurobehavioral assessment
  • Psychotherapy for clients of all ages
  • Behavior management
  • Family and group therapy
  • Health & Behavior assessment and treatment including but not limited to, the following:
    • pain-management
    • anxiety management, which can reduce psychotropic needs
    • fall-prevention, which can reduce risks associated with falls
    • stress-management training, for cardiovascular and general medical needs
    • insomnia treatment
  • Complimentary in-service training to facility staff upon request
  • All services provided in facilities, so no transport is necessary
  • Southwest Cares undertakes all billing, scheduling and medical documentation on behalf of our providers.

Southwest Cares performs all billing and is credentialed and contracted with

  •  Medicaid
  • Commercial insurance providers on a regional basis
  • Southwest Cares bills third party payers for provided services. There are no charges to facilities.
  • Southwest Cares' psychotherapists are doctoral level and independently licensed in their discipline. Supervisees are never used to provide services.
  • Southwest Cares is user-friendly, professional, regional and responsive.

Open Positions

There are no job openings available at this time.