Weston Bakeries is a leader in the fast-paced, fresh-to-market baked goods business. We operate in the delicious world of breads, rolls, bagels, English muffins, tortillas, pita and flatbreads, as well as in the baked snacks and sweet goods markets. We make many of Canada's favourite fresh bakery products on a daily basis across eight Canadian provinces.

Our products are marketed and sold across Canada and the United States. We partner with Canada's grocery, drug, and convenience retailers to bring fresh bakery products to shoppers every day.

Open Positions

East/Atl - Packaged Bread & Rolls - Napierville Ontario - Alternatives/ISB - Concord Ontario - Alternatives/ISB - North York Ontario - Artisan - Secretariat Ontario - Cakes & Pies - Brampton Ontario - Packaged Bread & Rolls - Kitchener Ontario - Packaged Bread & Rolls - Sudbury Ontario - Queensway DC West - Alternatives/ISB - Delta West - Packaged Bread & Rolls - Calgary West - Packaged Bread & Rolls - Langley Weston Foods - 2095 Meadowvale